12 shoes for 12 lovers

Just visited Sebastian Errazuriz #tumblr where he has posted 12 different pairs of shoes representing 12 of his former lovers. Each one of those shoes are an amazing peace of art. Which one is your favorite?

Shoe1. "Honey" – Natacha
Shoe2. "Cry Baby" – Alexandra
Shoe3. "Gold Digger" – Alison
Shoe4. "Heart Breaker" – Laura
Shoe5. "Ice Queen" – Sophie
Shoe6. "Hot Bitch" – Caroline
Shoe7. "The Virgin" – Anna
Shoe8. "Jetsetter" – Jessica
Shoe9. "The Boss" – Rachel
Shoe10. "GI Jane" – Barbara
Shoe11. "The Ghost" – Valentina
Shoe12. "The Rock" – Alice

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12 shoes for 12 lovers
Sebastian Errazuriz